Spill Control

Flexi-Bund is a patented safewaste product developed for the control and containment of spillage in workshops, warehouses, marinas, wash bays, liquid storage areas, compressor bays, chemical plants, loading docks and any area with a sealed surface.

Flexi-Bund is designed to be permanently fitted to the floor across doorways or formed to enclose racking, production or liquid storage areas.

Once installed, Flexi-Bund can be driven over by any tyred vehicle including cars, trucks and fork lifts. Flexi-Bund immediately resumes its shape and prevents spillage from entering adjoining areas.

Flexi-Bund is coloured “safety yellow” is easy to install and highly effective.

Optional safewaste installation kits contain everything required to install Flexi-Bund including comprehensive instructions, floor cleaner, line marker, primer, adhesive and adhesive applicator.

The features of Flexi-Bund include :

  • Completely trafficable

  • Creates a permanent spill barrier

  • Easy to install

  • Can be cut to any length

  • Can be extended to any length

  • Does not limit foot traffic or “person” access

  • Is resilient and hard wearing
  • Dimensions: Width = 100mm Height = 50mm Length = Any length required

    For more information on the Flexi-Bund product please visit www.flexibund.com.au