Oil/Water Separation

safewaste oil / water separation systems are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and utilise the Vertical Spiral Tube process exclusively in all models.

The Vertical Spiral Tube process was introduced in the SW020 model by safewaste, a decade ago when the system was actually designed and built around the highly efficient process of separation.

Features & Benefits of safewaste oil / water separators:

  • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel

  • Designed to suit the process of separation

  • Compact construction to minimise floor space

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to clean and service

  • Do not contain filter bags

  • Carry a 10 year warranty

  • Customer support via our Freecall 1800 service

  • 1000L 1500L 3000L


    The basic model for small workshops, marinas, wash bays and parts cleaners feature:

  • Compact shape for small workshops

  • Removable stainless steel drainage tray

  • Removable stainless steel solids screen

  • One-piece Vertical Spiral Tube block for easy cleaning

  • Individually adjustable feet

  • Adjustable oil level

  • No filter bags

  • Dimensions:
    Flow Rate: 750 to 1000 litres per hour


    The most popular safewaste oil / water separator model in Australia. Used extensively in the car, truck and bus servicing and maintenance industry, manual washing bays, mining workshops and compressor service bays.

    The features of the SW020 include:

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Individually adjustable feet

  • Removable stainless steel solids screen

  • Built-in automatic oil overflow protection

  • Built-in vent

  • Efficient external solids and silt trap

  • Compact (space efficient) construction

  • Adjustable oil level

  • One-piece Vertical Spiral Tube block for easy cleaning

  • No filter bags

  • Dimensions:
    Flow Rate: 1000 litres per hour


    The larger version of the popular SW020 model used at automatic vehicle wash sites, large automotive servicing and maintenance workshops, high volume parts washing and cleaning bays, mining operations and marinas.

    Contains all of the features of the SW020 model plus:

  • Removable stainless steel oil recovery tank

  • Servicing platform

  • Dimensions:
    Flow Rate: 1500 litres per hour


    This is a dual SW030 system fitted with a connecting service platform for access to both tanks from the same position. Used at automatic car, truck, bus and train wash sites, heavy machinery wash bays and as a central oil separation station for multiple workshop operations

    Contains all the features of SW030

    Flow Rate: 3000 litres per hour


    The safewaste portable filter / separator developed for use in farming and agriculture for weed seed control and plant quarantine purposes, also by mobile vehicle washing operators and small fleet operators in conjunction with our Spillsafe portable, fully bunded wash and spill mats.

    Manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with twin filter screens in addition to the Vertical Spiral Tube process, the PSW10 is able to be easily transported and can operate with 240volt mains or 12 volt battery power.

    The features of the PSW10 include,

  • Completely portable

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Leveling adjustment

  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions:
    Flow Rate: 750 to 1250 litres per hour

    All safewaste SW and WC model oil / water separators are supplied complete with Progressing Cavity Pumps to maintain gentle, continuous flow, minimal emulsification and safe passage of grit to the solids trap for maximum pump protection. The SW package also includes automatic float switches for efficient pump activation, a high quality “foot valve” to ensure constant pump prime, comprehensive installation instructions and a complete servicing guide.

    All safewaste separators carry a 10 year defect Warranty for repair or complete replacement of the tank, structure, separation process and valves.