Safe Harbor & Safe Sorb
Safe Harbor spill response products are manufactured from high quality, natural plant based materials for safe and efficient use with oil, chemical, coolant and hydrocarbon spills.

All Safe Harbor spill response products can be reused once drained of pollutant liquids.

Products in the Safe Harbor range include :

Absorbent Stormwater Drain Cover

Large Absorbent Spill Barrier (also available in smaller size)

Pit or Bilge Oil Collector

Portable Spill Kit for Service Vehicles, Marine, Forklift, Truck / Bus / Coach / Mobile Mechanic / Earthmoving / Refuse Collection Truck use

120 litre capacity Mobile Spill Kit *also comes in 205 litre capacity*

Safe Sorb is a patented safewaste Australian Made product produced from natural plant material and has the following superior properties,

  • highly absorbent

  • safe and easy to use

  • able to be stored indefinitely

  • floats on water for efficient marine spill recovery

  • absorbs land spills efficiently

  • can be safely mixed with soil for large scale remediation
  • completely non toxic

  • safe and easy to use

  • 100% biodegradable

  • harmless to fish, birds and wildlife

  • can be manually applied directly onto spilled liquids

  • retains the pollutant once absorbed
  • safe for disposal to landfill due to non-leaching capability
  • available in bulk or packaged for easy storage

  • economical due to its high absorbency rate

  • Safe Sorb is ideal for,

  • Roadside Spills

  • Industrial Spills
  • Marine Spills

  • Waste Disposal Pollutant Extraction
  • Used By :

  • Emergency Services

  • Road Maintenance and Construction Companies

  • Marina Operators

  • Boat Owners

  • Refuse Collection Contractors

  • Mining Companies

  • Transport Operators

  • Freight Companies

  • Airport Refuelers

  • Vehicle / Equipment Service and Maintenance Facilities

  • Defence Facilities

  • Service Stations

  • Refineries

  • Fuel and Oil Depots

  • Car Park Operators

  • Local Government Maintenance Depots
  • Pest Control Contractors

  • Car Park Operators

  • Mobile Mechanics
  • And many more